FITclasses offered in Maple Lawn!!!!

Melissa has been teaching prenatal and postnatal for almost a decade now and worked with many clients to help them stretch and strengthen their bodies before their baby's debut and after delivery.  As a mama of two, Melissa enjoys working with other moms to help motivate and inspire to stay FIT!



FITclasses offered in Maple Lawn Community Center (Fulton, MD)

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FITbody workout 

Tuesday's @ 9:30am in Maple Lawn Community Center 

Basketball Courts (weather permitting) or Yoga Room

10wk Session starting Oct 7th- Dec 16th

Drop-in $18/per class --or-- 10wk pass $15/per class ($150 total)


A full body workout designed to give you chiseled

abs, toned legs, cut arms, and a tight bum. A

yoga-ballet inspired, core-centric class, that

focuses on isolated exercises, cardio intervals, and

alignment as you work through targeted mindful

muscle movements. Push yourself to the limit —

and then reward yourself with a cooling savasana

finish. This workout is designed to leave your body

strengthened, stretched, and sweaty! 




FITmama & baby

Friday's @ 9:30am in Maple Lawn Community Center (yoga room)

10wk Session starting Oct 10th- Dec 19th 

Drop-in $18/per class --or-- 10wk pass $15/per class ($150 total)


A class that combines yoga and strength training

where you can bring your baby along for the fun!

Get ready for a workout that blends cardio, yoga,

strength, and resistance training using free weights

& bands to leave you feeling like one hot mama!

Connect with your baby, other moms, and your

self. Recommended for babies 6 weeks-precrawling.




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Prenatal Training

Did you always picture your pregnancy to be the time when you could finally have an excuse to stop exercising and eat for two?  Well, it's time to erase that picture.  Pregnancy may be one of the most important times of your life to exercise and eat healthy for you and the baby!  FITtrition offers a unique prenatal fitness training program designed to help you prepare for childbirth. The intense demands of labor and parenting require strength and flexibility in the mind and body.  The training covers safe and simple ways to build strength and endurance for a healthy birth including breath work, yoga and strength poses.


(It is recommended that women check with their doctor before participating in any form of exercise, must be at least 14 weeks of gestational age).