Our Mission is to Inspire a FIT life! 


Let's face it ladies, being smart, sassy, and successful is tough!  How are you supposed to stay FIT when you are the last person on your laundry list.  Whether you are... a busy MOM (or mommy-to-be!), a power WOMAN (who needs a little detox or accountability), or an injured SENIOR (who needs therapeutic training to feel better), we are the right FIT for you! 


When it comes to bodies, it's not a one size FITS all.  We bring the personal to personal training!  We work with your schedule, your location, your strengths, your weaknesses, and your goals.  The FITgals can help you reach your full potential -- a smart, sassy, successful, and sexy woman! 


We make it personal. We make it your FIT life. 

Meet the Founder, Melissa Farley